Lithuanian National Foundation

Our Mission

Lithuanian National Foundation supports efforts to establish

a democratic system that would benefit the youth of Lithuania

and foster national consciousness within them.

Lithuanian National Foundation and Kazickas Family Fund are inviting into internship in Lithuania

We invite Lithuanian students, especially those studying abroad, to participate in Lithuanian National Foundation summer internships. Interested individuals are asked to send their resume demonstrating experience, supporting examples of work done, feedback, etc. We recommend applying for no more than two positions offered here.

Monthly stipend: 600 EUR.

Applications must be sent by April 20th. 

PROJECTS IMPLEMENTED BY Lithuanian National Foundation


Our projects in schools include:

  • Support for gymnasiums.
  • Getting acquainted with Lithuania.
  • Kindergarten and school equipment.
  • Book and writing competitions.
  • Backpack program.


The support of the Tautos Fondas for students includes:

  • Providing scholarships.
  • Supporting young lecturers in higher education institutions.
  • Implemented the “Living History” project (recorded testimonies of over 300 surviving deportees, political prisoners, and partisans).
  • Since the summer of 2018, Tautos Fondas has been offering internships in Lithuania for youth studying abroad.

Other organizations

Tautos Fondas also supports other organizations:

  • Publishing houses.
  • Orphanages.

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