One of the priorities of the Lithuanian National Foundation is to support schools in Lithuania.


Support for high schools

The Lithuanian National Foundation helped establish Garliava J. Lukso high school and has frequently awarded scholarships to its graduates. Scholarships are also granted to students of Lavoriška high school.

Kindergarten and school facilities and equipment

The Lithuanian National Foundation assists kindergartens and schools in obtaining new equipment.

Getting to know Lithuania

The Lithuanian National Foundation assists Lithuanian language and culture enthusiasts in schools in Kaliningrad, Belarus, and Lithuanian villages to travel to well-known historical sites in Lithuania.

The backpack program

Nijolė Bražėnaitė-Paronetto has been leading the “Backpack Project” for several years. Starting in 2006, over 600 backpacks have been donated every autumn. Thanks to her efforts, almost all first graders in Lithuanian schools in eastern Lithuania are provided with backpacks.

Book and writing competitions

Dr. Rožė Šomkaitė’s “Books for Lithuania” project, led by the Lithuanian National Foundation, has enriched the libraries of Lithuanian schools with essential books on Lithuanian history, national and fictional literature. The Lithuanian National Foundation also supported a writing competition for students and helps schools invite authors who read their works and share insights into the writing process.

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The Lithuanian National Foundation awarded scholarships, supported young faculty members in higher education institutions, and carried out the “Living History” project, which involved filming testimonies of over 300 surviving deportees, political prisoners, and partisans.

Among other appointments, the Lithuanian National Foundation allocated $100,000 to establish the Institute of International Relations at Vilnius University.


Since the summer of 2018, the Lithuanian National Foundation has offered to cover the expenses for young people studying abroad to undertake internships in Lithuania.

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We invite students to apply for assistance from the Lithuanian National Foundation by filling out the form provided below.

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Other organizations

Publishing houses

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